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IAMO Forum 2023: Photo Gallery

21 June 2023

22 June 2023

23 June 2023

Video Recording Halle Academic Quartet 21 June 2023

The first event of the "Halle Academic Quartet" took place within the IAMO Forum 2023. Prof. Glauben (IAMO), Prof. Gropp (IWH), Prof. Pies, Prof. Varwick (University of Halle) and the guest Dr. Rudolf Adam (former BND Vice President) discussed economic and security politics in the present time. See the whole panel discussion here:

Video Recording Moderated Panel Discussion 23 June 2023

Securing global value chains, geopolitical tensions and food security

Moderator: Jens-Peter Loy, University Kiel, Germany
Discussants: Per Brodersen, German Agribusiness Alliance, Germany; Cornelia Berns, BMEL, Germany; Lena Kuhn, IAMO, Germany; Etel L. Solingen, University of California, USA; Sergiy Zorya, World Bank, Austria/USA